Some of the benefits of becoming an ICHCA member...

Access to the ICHCA International Technical Enquiry Service     The International Secretariat assists members with practical advice and assistance with their problems and enquiries on all aspects of freight logistics
Access to top decision makers     Within the cargo handling industry through the ICHCA Australia membership network
Access to the ICHCA International Library and Database of Freight Logistics Information     Providing an up to date management information service compiled from reviews of international periodicals, consultants reports, study projects, government publications, inter-governmental agency reports, company reports and other international media sources
Access to ICHCA's International Panels of Experts     On various aspects such as Safety, Security, Intermodal, Bulk Cargoes and Technical Developments
Within the Australian National and State Sections     ICHCA Australia provides the opportunity to play an active role in the organisation. This can offer significant personal and commercial benefits.
ICHCA Australia Luncheon seminars     Provide an affordable opportunity to learn from the speaker and network in an informal and convivial atmosphere.  Luncheon sponsorship opportunities are also available.
Representation and Participation     Through ICHCA International in the work of numerous government and inter-governmental agencies and leading industry bodies including: International Maritime Organisation, International Labour Organisation, World Bank, UN Committee on Trade and Development, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, International Atomic Energy Agency, World Nuclear Transport Institute, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association, International Association of Ports and Harbours, Baltic & International Maritime Council, Port Equipment Manufacturers Association, Container Owners Association, International Chamber of Commerce, ICS, International Standards Organisation and others.

ICHCA International is the only body representing cargo and freight interests to hold NGO status at the IMO, ILO, ISO and other UN bodies.