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Media Releases

Adelaide, 20.05.2015 - ICHCA Australia - Coastal Shipping Vision "Oz MoS"

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss spoke today to the Shipping Australia Industry Group in Sydney about repealing some of Labour's ineffective Policies in the hope of improving the fortunes of Coastal Shipping.  Amongst the moves was the repeal of Australian wages for foreign crews if the ships are on the coast for under 183 days a year.

At the same time in Adelaide, there was an address to ICHCA Australia about revitalising Australian Coastal shipping by the CEO of Sea Transport Corporation, Stuart Ballantyne.

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London, 14.04.2014
- ICHCA International - the NGO association dedicated to improving safety, security, sustainability and productivity across the global cargo handling chain - has urged new international legislation to improve the safety of workers using ships' lifting appliances (SLAs).

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